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The ability to explain the short sales process in a clear, visual, entertaining and immediately applicable manner is what makes Oscar unique. A lot of people are great at short sales yet very few are good at imparting this knowledge to others. Oscar is one of these few great instructors.

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To buy a property at the sale, you will need cash or some kind of financing. Establish short-term credit with banks or partners so that you can buy the property at the sale, then follow through with some long-term financing later. 4. After the sale.

Short Sale and Pre-Foreclosure Training with Ryan and Angie Tewis and Claude Whited Secrets to Short Sale Success with Mark Sumpter Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine with Larry Goins Fortunes in Foreclosures and Short Sale Secrets with Dwan Bent-Twyford –> Buying Real Estate Using IRA's with Rich Desich Commercial Property Academy with Scott.