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The tax won’t be levied on retail sale of: 1) natural gas and water supplied to households, 2) coal and other solid fuels, 3) other gas hydrocarbons used for heating, 4) oil used for heating, 5) reimbursed drugs and food for medical purposes, 6) meals served in restaurants.

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Sales Tax System is gearing up to help over a thousand established Amazon sellers get into compliance with sales tax at the upcoming Prosper Show in Las Vegas, March 12-14th. FBA.

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A notable proposal to do just this resulted from the Streamlined Sales Tax Project, which sought to make state sales tax administration more uniform and thus easier for remote sellers to comply.

Scott Letourneau is known as the entity structure and sales tax expert. Over the last 25 years, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch their U.S. business with confidence.